The Napa Grille & Wine Den

Napa Grille & Wine Den - Cambridge, ON
Napa Grille & Wine Den – Cambridge, ON

I have a day job in the Tri-City area of Southwestern Ontario and one of my colleagues suggested a lunch at the Napa Grille & Wine Den in Cambridge. I had recently been there and quickly made it be known that I was in because I knew what we were in for. Today’s lunch did not disappoint.

Right now there is an AMAZING lunch menu and everything is under $10. The biggest downer of the whole deal was that I could only go with one dish. And even though I had Spaghetti and Meatballs the last time (about 3 weeks ago), I had to have it again because it was that good. I didn’t think it possible but it was even better this time.

Lunch Menu for Napa Grille & Wine Den, Cambridge ON
Lunch Menu for Napa Grille & Wine Den, Cambridge ON

It went down nicely with a 5 oz. glass of Masi Valpolacella wine too.  And since it was also a “wine bar”, I felt compelled to indulge in some vino.  And what goes better with an Italian meal than a glass of red wine?  It was a perfect lunch out.

Besides the menu and the wine, this place offers an exquisite dining atmosphere. It’s quiet, a bit rustic and classy. And the service has been impeccable both times I’ve been there.

I haven’t been there for an evening meal but I think it would be a perfect place for a date night dinner out. I can’t wait to take my husband.


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