Together We’re Bitter – Co-operative Brewing

Together We're Bitter - Co-operative Brewing
Together We’re Bitter – Co-operative Brewing

I want to tell you about a new craft beer brewing up in Kitchener-Waterloo and I haven’t even tried it yet. That’s right, haven’t tasted it, haven’t been to the brewery, haven’t even seen it in a glass. It’s what is behind this up-and-coming brew that has me excited. It’s called Together We’re Bitter and it’s not just a beer, it’s an experience. Together We’re Bitter is set to be the first co-operative brewery in the K-W region. What does that mean?

I went to a colleague of mine to answer this question, Rob Shorney. His is one of the pictures on the “Who We Are” page of the Together We’re Bitter web site.  His explanation of what he and his TWB teammates were working on, inspired me.  He explained that everyone on the team had an investment into the co-operative but it wasn’t about making money.  It was about creating something beyond just a good-tasting beer.  “Half the reason a beer tastes good is the atmosphere in which it is shared and we want to bring music, food, friends and beer together to create that”.  They are working towards a “brewpub” that will serve its own beer made on the premises, along with local musicians, great pub fare and of course lots of friendly and fun, beer enthusiasts.  He made it very clear that the brew vision was NOT about Lamborghinis and corporate “fat-cat” attitudes, it’s about the community and building something from the grass-roots.  Everyone who is a part of TWB is a “worker/owner” with most money earned going back into the brewpub.

The excitement about what he was embarking on was evident as he shared this collaborative endeavor.  I told him that it seemed more like it was about brewing passion than beer.  It’s a perfect vision for Kitchener, a city that has been revitalizing its downtown and celebrates diversity and creativity.  TWB is all about those ideals.  I love this quote that I took right from a promotional video:”Kitchener has a unique and vibrant history.  We’re growing and we’re diversifying.  Our beer should reflect that”.

TWB has a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for a fermenter, equipment and gear to help them with their launch.  If you’d like to learn more about the co-operative and even better, be a part of the campaign, check it out.  They can also be found at TWB, Facebook and Twitter.  I can’t wait to experience the whole package when it comes.  It is set to arrive in Kitchener summer 2015.  You can bet I will reserve my place in line.



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