Waiting can Be Meaningful – Thoughts Around Thanksgiving

Sitting and Waiting
Sitting and Waiting

I sit here in Starbucks and I am content.  I’ve got my grande, blonde roast coffee, my cheese and fruit bistro box, my journal and my ipad.  Jazz is gently playing in the background and I hear the 2 happy barista merrily preparing client lattes and frappuccinos. Life in this moment is good.

Moments like these fulfill me.  Sometimes, in my crazy life, I am forced to sit down and take it in and I am grateful because otherwise, I would miss it.  My ipad is out of juice, it’s an hour until my next appointment and I have nothing to do but wait.

Waiting for me is not a time waster or a means to an end (usually).  It is a gift.  I heard my husband tell my boys the other day, that he didn’t enjoy amusement parks because he hated waiting in lines.  I had to ponder that because I have always love amusement parks.  It never occurred to me how much time I spent in lines.  As I thought, I realized some of the best parts of the day were spent in lines.  I remember great conversations and laughter.  I remember making new friends and meeting new people.  Sometimes, I got to see cool things because I was in one place for an extended period of time.  Things like witnessing a proposal or watching a baby bird take its first flight (believe it or not, this can be possible in parks in Southwestern Ontario).  I’ve found my next hair style or shoes that I would need to scope out.  Other times, I just stared off into space, reflecting on the day or letting my thoughts just settle; recharging my batteries.  Never did I hate waiting in line.  I was grateful.  Grateful for the opportunity to slow down and be present.

I know how easy it is to find fault in things.  I’ve been prone to it throughout my life.  Looking for beauty in the face of a beast, however, has been a practice that has helped in my pursuit of meaningful life.  Seeing the gifts that waiting can provide makes one much more content than focusing on the aggravation of loosing time.  Especially when the end can be a thrill no matter how short.


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