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Southwestern Ontario Ginger Gal who loves exploring her roots.  A 40-something, mother of 2 boys who has way more goals and dreams than this life has time for.  Passions: genealogy, travel, tourism, leadership, courtesy, respect,  inspiration, motivation, dharma, history, movies, Pinterest, DIY, card making, speaking, morale, mental wellness, nature, reading, laughing, Red hair mutation (“one groovy mutation”) … I could go on.  This is my space to share about nothing-in-particular because sharing is caring.  Please feel free to reach out if anything speaks to you!  Enjoy your stay.


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  1. I would like to explore this Varnum family with you as I have a 3X grandma Rebecca Varnum (1782-1822) who married Richard Demaray (1778-1830) – through their daughter Electa.


    1. I looked Rebecca up and she was a daughter of the Benjamin Varnum I wrote about who split from his American family to join the United Empire Loyalists. It also makes her an Aunt to my husband’s 3rd great-grandmother Martha (Varnum) Cornish and a 5th great-grand aunt to my Husband. Therefore, you have quite a history to explore if you are interested in exploring it. I am curious as to why Benjamin took such a dramatic choice to go against his illustrious family connections and join the Loyalists. I suspect marriage may have played a part but it is a story worth researching. Thanks for connecting.


  2. Hi
    I just found your blog and I thought I would say hi. Thomas James Cornish is my 2x great grandfather. His son George Edward “Arthur” Cornish (1870-1944) is my great grandfather, whose daughter, Estelle (Stella) Louise (1909 – 1982) married Austin John Wilson. I also have an interest in genealogy, and just happened to search the internet for Thomas James Cornish and came across your blog. I am also very happy to see that another cousin has proven that Benjamin Varnum was a UEL. I may piggyback on her work, to obtain another UEL certificate (I have certificates from 2 other UEL ancestors). Take care! Paul Wilson, Fonthill,ON

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    1. Hello Paul, I’m so glad you connected. So is your father Everett? I have the ancestors you mentioned on my family tree. Of course, once you start getting into living relatives, information is difficult to find due to privacy protection. As for UEL’s, I have a few ancestors that were UEL’s also but have never went through the certification process (yet). I love Benjamin’s story. Would love to have been a fly on the wall to see how his rebellion came about. Glad to meet you! Vicki


  3. Hi Vicki,
    Thanks for the reply. Yes, my father was Everett. He passed away in Jan 1994. I am amazed at the genealogical information about all of my ancestors he was able to compile without the use of Internet or Ancestry. He passed away when I was 23, and now I wish I had paid more attention. I have been working on expanding all of his work, and of course, maintaining an Ancestry family tree.
    Benjamin’s story is very interesting. I know that my dad struggled to prove that Benjamin was an UEL, so to see that someone did prove it, is very satisfying. Now, to prove my descendancy from Benjamin (copies of wills, marriage records, baptism records) will be an adventure. good to connect! Paul

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  4. Are you on Ancestry? Do you have a copy of the Cornish line that Cora Leaman created back in 1968? If you would like to share information on the Cornish line, please feel free to connect with me at vnccivility@gmail.com. So glad you commented. Vicki


  5. Just for fun, I googled the name of my great-great-grandfather, Thomas James Cornish. I was surprised to see this site come up with pictures from Cora Leaman’s book which she completed as a centennial project back in 1967 (I was 12 that year and was given a copy of my own to keep). My great-grandfather is Wesley, the young man with the bushy moustache in the back row of the picture of the sons. His son, Emerson Wesley, was my grand-father and his son, James Franklin Borden Cornish, was my father.

    So cool to go down memory lane today. Thanks for the site. Mary Lou


    1. Thank you so much for connecting Mary Lou. I found you in my husband’s vast family tree. You and he are 3rd cousins once removed. It always gives me happy chills when I hear that someone in the inter-web world has read a post that has meaning to them. So glad you popped by.


    2. Hi Mary Lou. This would make you and I 3rd cousins, as Thomas James was also my 2x great grandfather, through his son George Edward Arthur Cornish (the second youngest of the large family.

      Our email is thefivewilsons@cogeco.ca if you wish to have it.
      Paul Wilson
      Fonthill, Ontario


  6. Hi, I just came across your blog. My dad’s father was Claude Johnson and his father was Robert Johnson who was married to Mary Ann Cornish who is Thomas Cornish and Mary Ann Varnum’s daughter. I am glad I came across this as you have some very cool pictures. i also grew up in Norwich.

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  7. Hi, I wonder if we may be related through my Noel line. I have had a DNA test, and my matches include a variety of Noel spellings. Have you done a DNA test and where might we be able to compare results?

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