My Husband’s Beer-of-the-Month

I was so excited. I got my husband a membership to a beer-of-the-month club with, for his birthday.  The first delivery arrived this week.  I think I was more excited than him.  For the next 6 months, a package of 12 specially selected craft beers from across Canada will arrive on our doorstep.

When I brought the box inside it was just a box.  Nothing exciting or identifying about it.

A Plain Old Box.
A Plain Old Box.


Open it up though …



and SURPRISE!!!  A box full of beer.

For this month we received (look at me saying “we” as though I should include myself in this gift of my husband’s – you’d think I got the gift for me …) 4 Pissed Off Pete’s Pumpkin Porter by Nickel Brook Brewery out of Burlington, ON, 4 Farmhouse Blonde Ales by MacLean’s Ales of Hanover, ON and 4 Pumpkin 3.14 (get it … 3.14 is pi … Pumpkin “Pi” – pretty witty if you ask me) by Taps Brewery in Niagara Falls.  My husband was worried about the percentage of “pumpkin” branded items in his first installment.  He is not a fan of the pumpkin.  I, on the other hand, was very pleased.  I love pumpkin and I love beer and I thought this first month’s collection was going to serve me just fine since I figured the hubby would abandon the pumpkin beers.

The First Month's Collection of our Amazing Clubs Beer-of-the-Month
The First Month’s Collection of our Amazing Clubs Beer-of-the-Month

He was up for trying his pumpkin samples and thank goodness he’s a generous type, he was happy to share too.  My first sample was the Taps Pumpkin 3.14.  It was smooth and crisp with a hint of pumpkin.  I must say, I was a bit concerned that the pumpkin might overpower the beer but I thought it was a perfect complement.  I was pleased.

Up next, I went for Nickel Brook’s Pumpkin Porter.  I LOVED it!  I am a fan of the thick and hearty stouts and porters and this did not disappoint.  I could taste chocolate through the thick brew and assured my husband that the pumpkin brews would not go to waste should he not wish to consume them.

Finally, the next night, we both tried the final beer, the Blonde Maclean’s Ale.  Refreshing and familiar I would say.  It was a lighter taste and one I think my husband found more enjoyable.  I would say it reminded me more of the standard brew taste of something like Coors Light.  A great beer to offer the more traditional beer drinker.

For me, the thrill of being surprised by different brands of beer each month, was worth the membership in itself … and I wasn’t even the recipient.  And I was definitely not disappointed in the brands that were provided.  I can’t wait to see what next month brings.